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Microwave Collection

Powerful Output

With a cooking power of 900W and 5 adjustable power levels, Linärie microwave range allows you to cook a variety of foods more efficiently

Grill Power

Enjoy crispy food in minutes as the grill function of Linärie microwave range crisps your food on the outside without drying inside

Convection Power

Convection cooking and microwave heating in one appliance to warm, bake, broil or roast food faster and more evenly

FlatWave Technology

With a rotating antenna at the bottom of the microwave, Linärie’s FlatWave Technology has mastered even heating

Auto Menu Programs

Multi-function oven enhanced with 6 high performance pre-set modes for easier, faster and tastier meals

Full Visibility

Sophisticated extra-wide glass pane to help you monitor your dishes while keeping its exterior temperature cool to the touch

Our Story

Linärie was born with the mission to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and elegant designs, to elevate comfort and transform your cooking experience into memorable moments.