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Carbon Charcoal Filters for Kitchen Range Hoods & Benefits of Regularly Replacing Them

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

If you're looking to elevate your culinary haven with top-notch appliances, Linärie Appliances has got you covered. Today, we're diving into the heart of your kitchen range hoods – the carbon charcoal filters. Specifically, we'll...

⭐Linärie Appliances TrustPilot Reviews⭐

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

At Linärie Appliances, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at the point of sale; we strive to ensure that every interaction with our brand...

Crafting Culinary Excellence: Linärie Appliances, Our Story

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

At Linärie Appliances, we believe that every kitchen tells a story—a tale of creativity, nourishment, and shared moments around the table. Our journey began with a vision to elevate the art of cooking, blending timeless...

Reviving Nostalgia: Linarie's Annecy Retro Fridge in Cream at The Bushmans

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

In the serene embrace of the valley of giants, nestled amidst the tranquility of nature, lies The Bushmans—a newly renovated heritage-cottage that embodies timeless charm and modern luxury. Renovated by the creative hands of Australian...

Elevate Your Kitchen Renovation with Linärie Appliances: 5 Essential Steps to Choose the Right Appliances

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

  Are you planning a kitchen renovation and looking to elevate the elegance and functionality of your space? One crucial aspect of any kitchen upgrade is selecting the right appliances. With a plethora of options...

Elevate Your Airbnb Property with Linärie Appliances: The Best Australian Brand for Rental Kitchens

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Are you a property owner or manager looking to enhance the appeal of your Airbnb rental kitchen? Linärie Appliances stands out as the perfect Australian brand to elevate the kitchen space in your rental property....

Functional and Stylish: Incorporating Retro Fridges into Modern Australian Homes

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, the allure of retro aesthetics continues to captivate homeowners across Australia. From sleek minimalist apartments to cozy coastal cottages, the vintage charm of retro fridges adds a touch...

Portable Dishwasher vs Hand Washing: Unveiling the Advantages

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

In the age of convenience, the debate between using a dishwasher and washing dishes by hand has been a longstanding one. The Gavarnie Portable Benchtop Dishwasher LB3SDW enters the scene as a game-changer, offering a...

Portable Dishwasher: Less Dishes, More Time

Posted by Linärie Appliances on

In the dynamic landscape of kitchen appliances, the Gavarnie Portable Benchtop Dishwasher LB3SDW emerges as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending functionality, environmental consciousness, and time-saving prowess. Let's delve into its performance, eco-friendly features, and...


Just refurbished my unit here in Bondi and ordered many appliances from Linärie. Overall the website is super user friendly, the ordering process is easy, the date of delivery was super quick with a great customer service! Would definitely recommend the same!


I had a smooth experience ordering my Linärie appliance. No hassles. It looks great and took almost no time to arrive at my doorstep Highly recommended.


The service, delivery and product have exceeded my expectations. My daughter really wanted a pink fridge and after reading some reviews and researching, we decided on the retro top mount. The process has been seamless and she adores her new pink fridge. Highly recommended.


Excellent customer service: the delivery drivers were friendly and efficient even managing to get the fridge up two flights of stairs. The colour is amazing, too. I'm very happy with my purchase!


Excellent product, exactly as described - very functional while adding a retro vibe to my kitchen! Seamless delivery process as well. Thank you!


Excellent customer service. Arrived within days of ordering it. Super cute and looks amazing in our new designer kitchen. Highly recommend.