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Induction vs Ceramic Cooktops—which one is best for you?

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Induction vs Ceramic Cooktops—which one is best for you?

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One of the most exciting steps in building your dream kitchen is to choose between the different cooking cooktops and ranges. Today, you can choose between Gas, Induction, or Vitroceramic cooktops. 

Although each type is effective at preparing whatever meals you would like, there are certain advantages and disadvantages each fuel type has over the other that you should consider when deciding on which one is best for you.

Linarie Gas Cooktop IconGas cooktop has been around the longest and uses the raw power of open flame to cook.

 linarie ceramic cooktop Vitroceramic cooktop has coils from which the heat is transferred through the glass-ceramic cooktop, and is then transferred to the bottom of the pot. Ideal for slow cooking with any cookware for a longer time.

linarie induction cooktop icon Induction cooktop transfers heat through electromagnetic field that is generated by the coil beneath the cooktop into conductive cookware with virtually no heat emanating from the element itself.  

 Read on as we breakdown each type of cooktop, going over their pros and cons for you to consider before purchasing your next cooking appliance. 

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The heat is transferred from a coil metal element under the tempered glass-ceramic, which is electronically heated to the desired temperature and then transfer the heat to the bottom of the pan. The metal elements cycle on and off which results in less accurate heat control than that of induction cooktops.

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 • Easier to Clean: Smooth and flat surface, induction cooktop is easy to clean with no indents or crevices for food to fall into. Simple cleaners are usually enough to remove even the most residue.

• All Types of Cookware: No need to worry because any types of cookware is suitable

• Cost: tend to be less expensive to purchase than induction cooktops

• Ease of Installation: ceramic cooktops come in all shapes and sizes and can make a great addition to your kitchen. Just make sure to check the specs to ensure your electrical breaker has enough amps.



• Retains Heat After Shutdown: Vitroceramic coil gradually heats up and can get really hot. The cooktop will retain high levels of heat even after they have turned off. Taking longer to cool off than an induction cooktop.

• Energy Loss: There is more heat loss during the transfer between the ceramic cooktop and the cookware.

• Slower Heating: Ceramic cooktops are slower than induction cooktops because the metal element takes time to heat up and also to cool down.



Induction cooktops evolved from vitroceramic cooktops, as they are made of the same glass material. The main difference between both is how the heat is transmitted. 

Induction heat is transferred through an electromagnetic field that is generated by the coil beneath the cooktop. It only heats up the bottom of the conductive pot. Food can be heated up quickly and the heat stops immediately after the cookware is removed from the surface; which means precise temperature control. Better temperature control results in speedier heating, especially when doing time-consuming operations like boiling water, which can be 50% faster in an induction cooktop than its gas and electric counterparts—keeping a steady temperature, leading to fewer spills and boil-overs.

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• Heat Efficiency: 90% of the energy produced channeled into the pan itself, making induction cooking more efficient than traditional methods with up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption.

• Faster Cooking: It simply takes less time to cook food because the pan heats up quicker.  Since there are fewer steps involved in heating the cookware, it takes less time for the heat to get to the food—25 percent to 50 percent less time, on average.

• Easier to Clean: Smooth and flat surface, induction cooktop is easy to clean with no indents or crevices for food to fall into. Simple cleaners are usually enough to remove even the most residue.

• Safer Kitchen Environment*: Valuable features like child safety lock and automatic safety cut-out. Ideal for any home with small children: no flame means no grease fires, and no gas means no gas leaks.

• Full Control: Precise control of heat, with more temperature increments and better performance at very low heat settings

• No Wasted Heat: Induction only heats up the bottom of the pot when a suitable cookware is detected, this means that there is almost no heat loss, resulting in extreme energy efficiency.



• Expensive to purchase: Although it has a higher entry cost, it will pay off in the long run as it uses 10% less energy than a vitroceramic cooktop.

• Required conductive cookware: Flat-bottomed cookware is ideal for a uniform heat distribution.

• Learning Curve: Induction stoves and cooktops can overcook food at first because they heat food faster than traditional cooking methods



linarie induction cooktop icon Look for the ‘induction-compatible’ symbol at the bottom of the cookware, or use a magnet to test if it sticks to the bottom of the cookware; if it sticks, it’s compatible. Learn more in our blog post.

 Bottom line: Although induction has a bit of a learning curve, we love the unbeatable features that come with induction technology. When comparing to vitroceramic technology, induction cooktops enable for faster cooking time, precise temperature control, do not waste heat and and take no time at all to cool down. Induction cooktops are also very easy to clean, and indisputably offer a safer environment than gas and vitroceramic.


Download the User Manual & SpecSheet HERE

Bottom Line

This article aims to answer your questions about ceramic and induction cooktops. If you're looking to buy a cooktop, check out the range of premium quality induction and ceramic cooktop available on Linärie Appliances. We provide quality and high energy-efficiency induction cooktop with 30-month warranty and various appliances to elevate your kitchen.

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