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Cookware: Tips for choosing the right cookware for your ceramic & induction cooktop

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Cookware: Tips for choosing the right cookware for your ceramic & induction cooktop

What to look for when choosing cookware for your Induction Cooktop? 

Look for the ‘induction-compatible’ symbol at the bottom of the cookware, or use a magnet to test if it sticks to the bottom of the cookware; if it sticks, it’s compatible. 

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What to look for when choosing cookware for your Ceramic Cooktop? 

While induction cooktop requires specific types of cookware, on the other hand, all types of cookware suit ceramic cooktops.

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Induction vs Ceramic Cooktops

Read our blog about everything you need to know about Induction Cooktop or Ceramic CooktopYou can also read our Induction vs Ceramic Cooktop blog to learn about the differences between Induction and Ceramic Cooktops and their advantages as we breakdown each type of cooktop, going over their pros and cons for you to consider before purchasing your next cooking appliance.



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Bottom Line

This article aims to answer your questions about induction cooktops. If you're looking to buy a cooktop, check out the range of premium quality induction and ceramic cooktop available on Linärie Appliances. We provide quality and high energy-efficiency induction cooktop with 30-month warranty and various appliances to elevate your kitchen.

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