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Vented (duct) vs Recirculating (ductless) Air Extractor Systems: What is the difference?

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Vented (duct) vs Recirculating (ductless) Air Extractor Systems: What is the difference?
There are two installation options for your rangehood: Vented (duct) or Recirculating (ductless). It is crucial to evaluate your cooking style and kitchen design prior to choosing a rangehood. Depending on the rangehood of choice and kitchen set up, you may be limited to one or another air extraction installation.

What is Vented (duct) Air Extraction Installation

Vented air extraction is when a duct (or pipe) is connected directly from the rangehood and either route through to an outside wall of the house or of the cabinet.

Wall-mounted rangehoods usually have a duct that comes up from it and runs along the top of the wall cabinets to an exterior wall, and then through the wall to the outside of the house. When properly installed and sealed, this duct route effectively sucks the cooking air from inside the house and expels it outside.

Linärie Appliances-Vented (duct) Air Extraction Installation ExplanationImage



  • Powerful airflow rate
  • Premium air: cooking moisture is redirected to the outside of the house
  • More efficiency at lower power settings
  • Quieter than recirculating air extractors
  • No additional costs for carbon filter replacements

 INSTALLATION TIP: It is important to use the the correct sized rigid ducting and that it is properly sealed so that the effectiveness of the extractor doesn’t get compromised. 

When possible, create a direct ducting route to outside of the house and avoid a route with multiple turns for the air to make. To ensure the absolute best results from your appliance, install the direction of the duct declining downwards slightly to the outside wall in efforts to prevent condensation from running back into the rangehood.


 IMPORTANT: The ducting system for a downdraft extractor or an induction cooktop with integrated ventilation system should be placed in the floor. Be sure to check appliance manual in detail for the correct distance prior to begin installing it.

What is Recirculating (ductless) Air Extraction Installation

Recirculating air extraction is the best alternative for your rangehood when either you choose to have it over your kitchen island or when vent out extraction is not possible.

This technology enables the cooking air (grease, steam and smells) to get sucked up by the extractor and passed through a set of activated charcoal filter and 5-layer filter for optimal smoke and odor absorption capacity, to the be recirculated back into the room.

The advanced combination of filters aims to effectively remove as much of the smells and dirt particles as the air passes through them, prior to being released back into the room.

Linärie Appliances-Activated Charcoal / Carbon Filter Recirculation (ductless) Air Extraction Installation Explanation Image

  • Space saving and easy installation
  • No additional building work required
  • Recirculating warm air inside the room; no energy loss due to the warm air leaving the room.
OPERATION TIP: Turn the rangehood on at a low setting 5-10 minutes before starting to cook so that the air in the kitchen starts to circulate. For optimal air circulation and longevity of the rangehood; let it run for 10-15 minutes after the cooking is finished so that steam and odours in the room can continue to be absorbed and the carbon filter can dry out.

Vented (duct) vs Recirculating (ductless) Air Extractor: Which one best?

Physically removing all the cooking grease and smells to the outside of the house, rather than pumped around and back into the room, is always the best. However, when vented air extraction is not a plausible option, recirculating becomes the next best thing.
INSTALLATION TIP: It is important for the ducting to be properly sealed so that the effectiveness of the extractor doesn’t get compromised. When possible, create a direct ducting route to outside of the house and avoid a route with multiple turns for the air to make. This will ensure the absolute best results from your appliance.

Now you’re an expert on vented and recirculating extractors you can evaluate your needs and make the best choice for your kitchen.


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Bottom Line

This article aims to answer your questions about vented vs recirculating air extraction systems. You can buy Canopy, Angled, Island, and Downdraft rangehoods on Linärie Appliances. We provide eye-catching aesthetics with high-performance rangehoods and cooktops with 30-month warranty and various appliances to elevate your kitchen.

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