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Rangehood: Canopy, Angled, Island, Downdraft—Which one is best for your kitchen? The Ultimate Guide

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Rangehood: Canopy, Angled, Island, Downdraft—Which one is best for your kitchen? The Ultimate Guide
There is an array of options when it comes to venting systems and choosing the right one is crucial to having a functional kitchen. Beyond the aesthetics, it is important to understand of the pros and cons of different styles.
This guide covers the different types of rangehood available in the market, as well as answer some common questions, so that you can choose the type that best fits your cooking style and the design of your kitchen.
Rangehood: Canopy, Angled, Island, Downdraft—Which one is best for your kitchen? The Ultimate Guide

The Different Types of Rangehood


Air extraction system: Venting (duct) or Recirculating (ductless)

Canopy, also known as chimney rangehoods, are the most option in the market and as a result, having many options of styles and features. A canopy rangehood is mounted to the wall and has a chimney coming out of the top of the appliance for extracting the air.
Note that this rangehood can be quite large and it tends to be a strong visual focal point, on display all the time; so pick one you love to look at.


Air extraction system: Venting (duct) or Recirculating (ductless)

While with a similar set up as the canopy rangehoods, this one offer powerful features with more style; the angle specially helps to create a little bit more headroom space when you stand in front of the rangehood.

Note that this rangehood can be quite large and it tends to be a strong visual focal point, on display all the time; so pick one you love to look at.


Air extraction system: Recirculating (ductless)

When style and performance meet, you get the island rangehood giving you the freedom to install it in various kitchen set up. Equipped with activated charcoal filters and layered aluminum filters, these rangehoods provide premium air quality so that you do not have to duct to vent out.


Air extraction system: Venting (duct) or Recirculating (ductless)

Unobtrusively placed under your kitchen benchtop while optimizing space, so that you can conveniently raise and activate the downdraft at the touch of your fingertips when needed and slide it down once you’ve finished cooking.  When in use, the extractor rises approximately 30-40cm out of the benchtop surface to extract the fumes over the cooktop. Typically seen in kitchen islands, the downdraft can also be architected into a run of cabinet if you have enough space between the cooktop and the wall.
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Air extraction system: Venting (duct) or Recirculating (ductless)

An innovative 2-in-1 cooktop featuring its own powerful integrated air extraction system that is enhanced by a speed fan mode. This appliance means optimal space-saving, sleek design, and full freedom while cooking for those who seek practically and minimal design.
Optimal space-saving design to fit in every kitchen. Installation requires minimal ducting, allowing you to utilize the cabinets directly underneath the cooktop. 


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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Rangehood For Your Kitchen

There are key aspects to consider when looking at and comparing rangehoods; some may be more or less important to you depending on your needs. So, here’s a list of key features you should consider during your decision process for the best rangehood for your kitchen.

• Noise: Measured in decibels (dB), it will refer to the noise level on the maximum setting.

• Extraction Speed Levels: Most rangehood speed level settings vary from 1-4.

• Extraction Rate: Measured in meters cubed per hour (m3h), it will refer to its power when it’s on its maximum setting. The appropriate m3h rate will depend on your cooking style and the size of the room.

 Calculate the extraction rate needed for your kitchen
  1. Measure the height, width and depth of your kitchen.
  2. Multiply these three numbers together to get the total volume of your kitchen.
  3. Multiply your total volume by 10 to get the extraction rate needed.
  4. Compare rangehood models extraction rate to make sure it is enough for your kitchen.
Here’s a quick example:
If your kitchen is 2.4m high x 5.2m wide x 4.6m deep >> 2.4 x 5.2 x 4.6 = 57.4 >> 57.4 x 10 = 574
Best to choose a rangehood with an extraction rate of 574m3h or above to efficiently extract the air for the size of your kitchen.


Linärie Appliances: What to consider when choosing the right rangehood for your kitchen?

• Venting (duct) or Recirculating (ductless): The appropriate extraction system will depend on your cooking style, kitchen design and the size of the room.

Bonus: look to see if the appliance come with a set of activated charcoal filters and layered aluminum filter.

• Lights: A dedicated set of LED lights above your cooktop is particularly useful when cooking. LED lights have a low running cost and can last a very long time. 

• Energy Rating: Worth to consider especially if it’s an appliance you are going to use regularly.

Check the A rating or look at the estimated annual running costs to compare and give preference for newer technology and LED lights to help keep energy costs down.

• Control Features: Other key features to consider are touch to slide controls, remote control, or gesture control.

• Additional considerations: Safety features like shut-off timer and how easy it is to clean the material are also worth to consider when comparing rangehoods.

Activated Carbon / Charcoal Filters for Rangehoods: is it a must?

For the absolute best results, charcoal filters are necessary when the rangehood is installed using the recirculating extraction system (ductless).

Depending on your personal cooking style, how often you use the rangehood and on the design of your kitchen, these carbon filters should be replaced every 4-6 months. You can check the right filter replacement for your appliance.

Linärie Appliances: What are the benefits of activated carbon / charcoal filters

Vent (duct) installation of the rangehood does not require the use of the carbon filter; for good care of your appliance and for its effectiveness to not get compromised, wash the aluminum grease filters periodically.

Distance Between the Cooktop and Rangehood

The general guidance given for the distance between the rangehood and the cooktop is of at least 650mm above induction cooktops and at least 750mm above gas hobs.

Be sure to check appliance manual in detail for the correct distance prior to begin installing it.
Linärie Appliances Island Rangehood vs Cooktop Installation Height Dimensions Image


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Download the User Manual & SpecSheet HERE

Bottom Line

This article aims to answer your questions about rangehoods. You can buy Canopy, Angled, Island, and Downdraft rangehoods on Linärie Appliances. We provide eye-catching aesthetics with high-performance rangehoods and cooktops with 30-month warranty and various appliances to elevate your kitchen.

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